The Walaszczynska-Branch Virtuelle Atelier

Welcome to the Virtuelle Atelier and Online-Galery of Maja Walaszczynska-Branch!


This project, a showcase for the dazzling artwork of Maja Walaszczynska-Branch, began as a project in late 2006 as a window to the outside world. It served to to solve two problems at one time: it offered an alternative to renting an actual atelier or gallery (limited in outreach here in Hannover as well as limiting from a financial viewpoint) as well as presenting her husband with the chance to play with his computer while demonstrating to his lovely wife the usefullness of both the internet in general - specifically XHTML/CSS.


You, in full appreciation of the fine arts and possessing the necessary skills to find your way to this website, are the perfect example of the modern, informed, and of course art loving public that we embrace. It is for you that this site was created. As a result, all comments, enquiries and suggestions are of course always welcome.

The Artwork

Most importantly however, enjoy the artwork placed on display in the gallery. This is just a small assortment of the overall collection, designed to offer an impression of the depth and scope of the main body of work. We hope that you enjoy it as much as we have!