For purposes of clarification, let it here be said that this is a non-commerical site. All information contained within this site is for personal use only, and merely serves to provide an interesting and appealing platform within which art and photography can be communicated with family and friends, both existing and potential. Please do enjoy, and be aware that you do so at your own risk.

This having been said, the "owners" of this site would like to take this chance to address the issue of intellectual property. The work presented here for your enjoyment is the product of long hours, slaving away in front of a canvas,surrounded by all sorts of foul smelling chemicals (turpentine for example). In other words, it does involve some amount of "work", much to the amazement of some parties. Whereas it is "work" which serves to delight the eye and excite the mind, and thus should be shared with the world, this does not mean that it's free for you to take and use to make a profit or say it's your work, i.e. we're happy to share - just done't steal.

Should you come across the idea to copy and paste your way to your own art gallery, please take the time to read through the following terms and conditions:

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