The Artist

This is the section where you get to find out about the artist. Keep an eye on the section, as it may actually change from time to time to reflect the passing of time.

Maja Walaszczynska-Branch is a higly talented young artistic talent from Southern Poland. Not quite a coal-miner's daughter, she came about as close as you could otherwise get before abruptly changing directions at the age of ten and running off to travel the world. Since then she has managed to explore Europe, North America, Central America, Africa, and even a brief voray across India. She is currently looking for another photo as well as thinking of new text, while thouroughly enjoying being myterious in a bohemian way.

Jonathan Branch is the guy responsible for the design of this webpage. Born in the Deep South, he started wandering around a bit after being exposed to a violent strain of Mariachi, and despite having wandered through most every country starting with the letter G, still hasn't managed to stop.